Global Impact Accelerator 2017 Nepal

Pitching Competition

A platform for Nepalese entrepreneurs, with a product that have proven market potential and strong prospects to reach out to a wider audience and create global impact, as they join change-makers from around the world in pre-mentoring program and international bootcamp at Slush Global Impact Accelerator in Helsinki, Finland.

Winners Announced
What is Slush GLOBAL IMPACT ACCELERATOR all about ?

Slush Global Impact Accelerator is a program created in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and multiple partners globally. The purpose is to create a leading global program to support startups that are looking to solve some of the most pressing global challenges and contributing to the discussion on impact investing.

Slush Global Impact Accelerator 2017 brings impactful entrepreneurs from emerging markets to Helsinki to accelerate their business, attract additional financing and make an even greater impact on their societies and beyond. The program includes online pre-event coaching and Helsinki boot camp program in November , 2017 culminating in Slush

Why Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition in Nepal ?

Today, it is not surprising at all if a startup takes the world by storm. We have very good reasons to believe Nepalese startups can do just that. All we need is the right platform.

Like Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition.

Slush acts as a bridge between startups and investors, media and executives. Here in Nepal, we have startups and we have established companies with innovative products that are not just nationally significant but also have international prospects. Right now, an opportunity to take these products to international investors is not just less, but nonexistent. Slush GIA could be a pioneer in taking Nepalese products to an important international platform of a huge scale such as Slush.

Last Year we organized the first Slush GIA pitching event for the first time which was a huge success. Two of our three finalists were selected by the Helsinki selection team who received an opportunity to attend Slush Global Impact Accelerator in Helsinki. There they got a chance to be part of bootcamp where they attended the capacity building workshops with leaders from all around the world. They were among the 2,300 startups gathered at Slush to take their companies to the next level. Nearly 6,000 investor–startup meetings, mostly pre-booked online, took place.

Slush GIA is a huge platform, be very very prepared for it. You will find yourself among the titans of the world's tech industry and you will be judged accordingly. Focus on brevity, numbers and precision. Slush GIA taught me a lot about adding magic to a pitch, getting insights from numbers, and the art of solving the biggest problem you can find with the least amount of resources. The lessons I have learnt on these fronts have made me a better communicator, bitchier manager and a more cunning strategist. Tangible impact the trip had on HoneyGuide will be seen soon enough. Stay tuned. And I hope your journey to Helsinki will be even more eventful than mine.

Ashish Shrestha Co-Founder, Honeyguide Pvt. Ltd., Participant of Slush GIA 2016

Visit to the incubator called startup sauna taught a lot about co-creating the values via purposeful technologies. Slush GIA created so many rushes to attend every stages that were performed with different interests. It was a flood of information, learning, demonstration, people, ideas, and networks. Everyone were busy on making a match to their business either they are seeking for investors, customers, partners or media exposure. I had met four match to the investors, two from Europe, one from Asia and one media of Nepal by using the match making tool provided by Slush Team. But I had more fruitful sessions on informal meetings where I got some useful contacts which could make some impacts to my business on my locality. In brief, the takeaway from the Slush GIA last year was more learning, networks and contacts than investments, but it allowed me to read investor's mind and their requirements to invest on startups and ideas.

Ishwor Malla Co-Founder, ICT for Agri. Pvt. Ltd., Participant of Slush GIA 2016
  • Have vision to solve pressing challenges globally (There are no limitations in terms of sector or geographical focus)
  • Have solution that supports the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Know more about SDGs.
  • Have a potential to scale
  • Have skills and drive to succeed
  • Have a business idea that has gained some traction, but is still in an early phase
  • Have at least a working prototype
  • Is legally registered
  • Have revenue plus funding less than 1 million Euro.
Why participate in Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition?

So far in Nepal, we have had events that encourage startups. We are at a phase now where we can move towards the next level where we take these products/services to a bigger platform. Slush Global Impact Accelerator is that platform.

Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition is an opportunity for the companies looking for investors, customers, media exposure or mentoring. Companies can interact directly with the global audience and community of experts, through the event.

  • In Nepal, this could be an opportunity to be among the 15 most promising startups that get to pitch in front of a selection team in Nepal for final nomination to the global event.
  • Top 3 teams chosen from the 15 teams will get a chance to be interviewed by the final selection team in Helsinki.
  • Upon selection by the final selection team, team(s) will be a Global Impact Accelerator Participant in Helsinki, Finland.
What will the Selected Global Impact Accelerator Participant Receive?
  • Online pre-mentoring program organised for all the selected participants;
  • Helsinki boot camp program in November.
  • Skills workshops and capacity building with the leaders from all around the world
  • Industry specific matchmaking sessions co-organised with the leading organisations
  • Access to Slush 2017
    • Slush matchmaking tool for organizing 1-on-1 meetings with investors
    • Opportunity to be featured in Slush 100 Pitching Competition & Slush Impact Showcase
    • Networking with NGOs, institutions, startups, media, and other stakeholders from Nordics and beyond.
    • Access to side events, such as Founders Day, organized during the Slush Week.

Transportation, accommodation and other program related costs will be covered by Slush.

What are the criteria by which THE PRODUCTS WILL BE JUDGED ?
What is the process of participation/ selection?

The participation/selection process consists of five main steps:

  • Online application for the Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition via YoungInnovations.
  • Best 15 teams will be selected from the online application process and they will be allowed to pitch face to face at the Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition in Kathmandu.
  • Three best teams to be shortlisted from the Pitching Competition and their names will be presented to the Final Selection Committee from Helsinki.
  • All the shortlisted teams will be interviewed online by representatives from the Final Selection Committee.
  • Teams selected by Final Selection Committee (1 person per team) will be invited to the program in Helsinki!*

*At least one entrepreneur from each Pitching Competition will be invited to take part in the Slush 2017 Global Impact Accelerator Program.


Pradip Kumar Koirala

Pradip Kumar Koirala

Ministry of Industry Joint Secretary (Industrial Promotion Division)
Karmath Dangol

Karmath Dangol

Co-Founder Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NeHub)
Janne Karjalainen

Janne Karjalainen

Lecturer and LAB Master Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Abhaya Poudel

Juna Mathema

Managing Director Blitz Media Private Limited
Tara Prasad Panthi

Tara Prasad Panthi

Co-Founder & Program Manager Daayitwa (Rural Enterprise Accelerator Program)
Mid July 2017


August 5 2017

Application Deadline

August 11 2017

Announcement of 15 finalists

August 17 2017

Pitching and Announcement of Winners

IN 2016 Slush brought together
  • 2,300 startups
  • 17,500 attendees
  • 1,100 venture capital investors
  • 600 journalists
  • 120 countries
What is Slush ?

Slush is Europe’s leading startup and technology event, which connects startups and tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives, and media. It is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students and festival organizers. Although Slush has grown from a 300-person event to become one of the leading events of its kind in the world, the philosophy behind it has remained the same: to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward. Know Slush